Skinny, Love?

You told her to be patient

You told her to be kind

Then how come only skinny wound up in the title line?

(Unless, of course, the skinny was the real thing on your mind.)


You croon at her with silky words as you come down upon her

Your minor chords and throaty cries a false complex of honor

Skinny love, oh skinny love, what really does that mean?

All your words are mumbled, slurred, as they come in-between.


She listens not within the song for emptiness or lies

There’s something captivating ‘bout the intrigue in your eyes

The way you call her skinny love and stare with passion deep

She lies awake and thinks of you, you suck away her sleep


Mumble-slur the verses so that skinny’s all that’s clear

No wonder skinny’s all that young girls want to be and hear

Patient, kind, get tossed aside, the intrigue’s in the thin

All hail Skinny, full of grace, not thoughts but purely skin


Pinterest, Tumblr, kissing shots of sunsets and of beds

Favorite, like, re-tweet until that’s all that’s in our heads

Be skinny, please a man, they say, and that will make it right

Don’t think about your purpose as you lie awake at night


No thank you, crooner man, I say, I’ll keep my carbs and dreams

Go try another girl with your guitar and skinny jeans.


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