Ten Things I Will Carry

(A special thanks to the Annie I am named after, Annie Breitenbucher, for the first and last stanzas from her poem of the same title. I “wrote” this in high school, but thought it was a relevant thing to post now for some odd reason. The original is in her collection Fortune, one of my favorite books)


It has been cold and wet and dark


But now, as the chill beads up

and the skin is dried to the bone

by a warming wind, I rise up, back

up into my life, consider

what I will carry- what will carry me

across uncertain terrain:


A pen, perspective and rich adjectives

    So I can always see.

The open arms and warm voice of my mother

    So I know love and security.


Mozart Piano Sonatas and the husky ring of acoustic guitars

    So I can feel my heart beat.


Molly, my mellow ginger dog

    So I know unconditional love and friendship.


The clean, crisp, bright smell of pine forests

    So I remember hope and gratitude.


The warm hugs and support of my friends

    So I recall fortune and grace.


A portable sun

    So I will always find light.


My trusty Fischer RCS skis

    So I can fly.


All the best laughs I have heard

    So I can imagine the sound of God.


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